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PPAP£¨Production Part Approval Process£©

PPAP£¨Production Part Approval Process£©

  1. The documents submission included as below:

Product Drawing¡¢ PFC(Process Flow Chart)¡¢FMEA(Potential Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)¡¢ Initial Sample Inspection Report¡¢Material Test Report¡¢ SPC(Statistical Process Control)¡¢ MSA(Measurement Systems Analysis)¡¢Control Plan¡¢ PSW£¨Part Submission Warrant£©

2.PPAP Samples


--- EPDM-RA0540-Adapter£¨PDF£©
--- EPDM-RA0569--Gasket£¨PDF£©
--- EPDM-RA0577-Holding Rubber£¨PDF£©
--- EPDM-RA0872-Grommet£¨PDF£©
--- Viton-RA0687-Rubber Bush with metal£¨PDF£©
--- NBR-RA0743-Rubber Cap£¨PDF£©
--- NBR-RA875-Rubber Grommet£¨PDF£©
Silicon Rubber
--- Silicon Rubber-RA0446-Fan Mount£¨PDF£©
--- Silicon Rubber-RA692-Silicon Part£¨PDF£©
--- Silicon Rubber-RA0915-Silicon Rubber Hose£¨PDF£©
--- Silicon Rubber-RA0916-Diaphragm seal cover£¨PDF£©

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