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Production Equipment
CNC Milling Machine
Cold runner vertical rubber injection machine
Cold Runner Horizontal Rubber Injection Machine
Imported vacuum shaft press
Imported preforming machine
16 Inches Open Mill
Cutting machine
Radial Drilling Machine
Test Equipment
Vulcanizing Machine
Tensile machine
Oil test chamber
Constant temperature oil tank
Thermal Aging Test Chamber
Electronic Balance
Other Test Equipments
Checking Equipment
Automatic optical inspection machine
Finished hardness tester
Thickness gauge
Centrifugal demolition machine
SHORE A Durometer LX-A
Rack of SHORE A Durometer LX-A
R & D
Compound Design
Customized Parts
Electronic Balance

It is used for sophisticated analysis by the industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, laboratories of institute of higher learning,and other laboratories.

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